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While tubing is great for everyone, those who want more of a challenge may find our Skiing or Snowboarding lessons more up their street. With a range of options from beginner to advanced, aged 6 and upwards we have an option for you.

Tubing FAQ

Unsure about tubing? Here’s some more info to help you decide

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do i need to book?

YES! While we do welcome walk-in customers, our sessions do fill up. To avoid disappointment please call 01782 204159 to book a slot.


What's the difference between Fun Slope and Adrenalin Tubing?

Very simply the Fun Slope is shorter and does not require use of the lift to get up the hill. The Adrenalin Slope has a much longer slide time and therefore uses a lift to get up the hill, it also slides faster. Our Fun Slope Tubing is suitable for all ages and costs £6. Our Adrenaline Slope is for ages 9+ and costs £11 per person.


What should i wear?

Tubing is an outdoor activity and as such we recommend weather appropriate clothing. The only thing we insist is that footwear is trainer-like and is not heeled or open. 


When are you open?

We are open weekdays 10am-9pm and weekends 9am-6pm. Our tubing slots are pre-defined however, please click “learn more” under your chosen activity for specific times. 


Can anyone tube?

Whilst anyone can tube we do advise that it is a strenuous activity and that each individual should asses their own fitness levels before joining the activity. 


How Long is the Session?

All of our tubing sessions last between 50-55 mins. We have found this to be the right amount of time before most people get tired. 


Is there an upper age limit?

NO! Anyone of any age can go tubing (so far our oldest is 81) however we remind you that it is a strenuous activity and personal levels of fitness should be assessed before participating.


Why Is there an age restriction on Adrenalin Tubing?

Due to the use of the Ski lift to get up the hill, we require that all participants are aged 9 or above, this is to keep all participants safe around the lift area. 

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